Determining the type of insurance for which you qualify
Find out what type of health care coverage you may be eligible for at It’s a free, interactive tool developed by the Minnesota Council of Health Plans that can help you determine whether you’re likely to qualify for individual or family insurance, or a public health care program like Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare.

Estimating premium costs
If you’ll be purchasing individual or family insurance, plan options and prices are now available online. You can shop for plans directly from a health insurance carrier like Medica or compare the plans that are available through MNsure or your state’s health insurance marketplace.

Estimating the impact of financial assistance 
Government financial assistance is available to help individuals who meet income guidelines pay premiums and/or out-of-pocket costs for individual or family insurance coverage purchased through a health insurance marketplace. Use the calculator at right from the Kaiser Family Foundation to get an estimate of your eligibility for premium subsidies and how much you could spend on health insurance if you purchase through your state’s health insurance marketplace. The premium estimates may reflect the lower end of the price ranges for plans in your area.

Receiving a premium subsidy
To receive any subsidy for which you may qualify, you must purchase individual or family coverage through your state’s health insurance marketplace. To confirm your eligibility for financial assistance, create an account on MNsure or your state’s health insurance marketplace and complete the application for coverage. This process takes 15-20 minutes and includes security questions to verify your identity. If you need help, you may contact an insurance agent or broker who is certified to sell plans on MNsure, or one of MNsure’s other consumer assistance partners. A directory of certified agents, brokers and other assisters is available on MNsure’s website.